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What to Expect after College

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What to Expect after College Expect that your major may not lead directly to a career.

It may surprise you to know that most graduates are not working in fields directly related to their majors. Do not worry. They did not choose wrong majors at all. What they studied in school is just not focused on a career. The answer lies partly within you and in part, looking for satisfying opportunities. It now becomes your task to learn how to go with your own surfacing skills and interests to opportunities. Those discoveries can become your internal passport to exciting new worlds.

Expect that you will return to school more than once.

From graduation on, you are solely responsible for managing your career – what you need to know, how to educate yourself, how to harness your ambition and desire. This way, you can continually update your skills to meet the demands of the workplace.

Expect to change jobs and even careers many times.

Some people are motivated by status or money and more by a search for greater meaning in their lives. As others on the career track rethink what fulfillment means, they begin gathering people in one mind for support groups.

Millions of confused and angry workers have been out of job just when they thought they knew their jobs and their places. You might have lived through this yourself. Maybe this was a factor motivating you to get this online college course. Hardly anyone has been spared in this new, aggressive environment.

Don’t be too afraid that the first job will not last. Moving or switching jobs no longer carries the stigma of “job-hopper”. Everything changes, including jobs. Wherever you start, it is up to you to pursue a fulfilling career.

Expect different kinds of employers

No matter who the employers are, they all agree on which qualities are important in their employees. They all want to hire people who possess these things: communication skills, work experience, motivation and initiative, teamwork skills, leadership abilities, technical skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and ethical behavior.

To cultivate these desirable traits, you have to become actively courageous to search out opportunities. In return, you will learn skills for success in the world of careers.

Where you go to college may not matter as much as you think it does. Successful people in many different fields thinks that it matters less where you go to college than the amount of positive energy you put into what you do while in college.

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