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Land a Career Whatever Your Major Is

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Land a Career—Whatever Your Major IsLand a Career – Whatever Your Major Is

Your journey to the academic life is over. There are so many questions in your mind. Where should I work? What kind of work should I look for? Is there work related to my major? All these questions and more – they all baffle the fresh graduates.

Proclaiming a major is a big decision. It should be the gauge of where you would like to go. Get actual information from existent people who have been successful in the field you are aiming for. Ask professionals how they got their job, what were their options, how they know that it is the job for them, and other questions that would guide you in your own career options. Be inspired by their stories as you find your own.

Sometimes people in the more focused majors, like the accountants and engineers, find that they are not really into their first career choice. The smartest thing to do is acknowledge it early and opt for another career, this time more closely relating to your interests or to your work. Pay close attention to yourself and polish your interests as you go along.

As for the people choosing the less specific and non-technical career path, there is a very wide range of jobs waiting for you. What are you supposed to do with a degree in communications, history, women’s studies, political science, or Asian studies? You will not see a special booth for these majors at job fairs. It’s hard to choose between economics and finance or between psychology and sociology, for example. Choosing is hard but your choice does not exclude everything else.

The good news is that employers, including software companies and financial firms, prefer to hire graduates who have developed critical skills in thinking, writing, and speaking. Employers reveal that they can train you to do almost any job. They just need you to come with demonstrated intelligence, curiosity, and dedication.

Employers mostly need generalists with the ability to draw on the past and present in order to shape the future. This is where you can maximize your talent and shine.

Of course, no one can predict or anticipate every detail of the future. If your mission is to do well by doing well, you could be part of the exciting world of social entrepreneurship. People who can combine social skills with generalized knowledge are needed to fill a wide range of new careers in nonprofit management and philanthropy. You can be part of a fast-growing career track just when you are starting out. In this highly entrepreneurial age, when initiative and multitasking are eagerly sought after, you can play to your strengths.

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