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Strategies for Finishing College Successfully

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Strategies for Finishing College SuccessfullyUse the following to guide you in your college years, to motivate you, to spur you on when you fall into the lazy-student trap. Remember success starts with small steps. Never underestimate the power of first but lasting actions.
Turn your college years into the luckiest years of your life.
View college as a great experience. Follow your instinct for interests and explore what fascinates you. Take time to develop a skill even when you are not doing your assignment or your papers. Lay your foundation during your first year, and then build on it within the following years.
Make it a priority to succeed in your courses. Study smart. If you are stuck, ask for the help of others.
Earn and learn.
Jobs can give you valuable experience and extra income. Most of the people taking online courses are full-time workers and are just taking double effort to finish a course. However, you have to weigh the value of both earning and learning. If you can afford it and if time allows, find a job that is related to your career goals.
Narrow down the list of majors you are considering.
Take electives that sound interesting, if you are not that in a hurry to finish the course. Imagine getting a dream job and get involved in courses and research that will lead to that job. Choose topics for assigned papers from your growing list of interests. This will save you time, effort, and money. This will also make you fulfilled in the end.
Get linked.
Ask for help in linking your papers to your major interests. Ask your instructors where it might be possible to have your papers published. Request your instructor to allow you to rewrite at least one paper you wrote, with his professional guidance, to learn the whole process of writing. Your extra effort will surely pay off.
Be proactive.
Keep up with you assignments and studies. Avoid cramming. Aim to finish your assignments early, so that you can ask for feedback from your instructors or professors. Write your papers with extra purpose in mind. Try to have them published in a professional journal or a popular publication.
Think of using your papers and assignments from various classes to explore a particular area from several different angles. Each academic assignment might then build on a concept that could be expanded into a thesis or dissertation.
All of these steps, when kept in mind will make you a better college student even at the comfort of your own home.

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